September Happenings

Boater Boy
Adam thinks Noah is old enough to learn how to drive the boat. He loves the lake and practices launching and teaching skiers from his pretend boat (his bed).
School Boy Noah started school this month and he LOVES it. He still hates nursery but he loves school. It's a pre pre-school with 6 boys and 2 girls. Latest Project Luke got dropped by our house for a few hours and started getting Adam pickled up about fixing up our front porch. We took down the old front railing and added a new one. They also put up bead board under all the eaves around the entire house as well as the porch. Adam's still working on stripping the paint from the big beams and then we will stain all the wood. A huge thank you to Luke, Eli and Leah for coming to help us with this project. We've still got a lot to do, but it's coming together nicely. Ava's progress Ava's been trying to hold her bottle and is getting better each day. She rolled from her front to her back this past Monday and rolled from her back to her front yesterday. She is very expressive - she loves to smile and laugh, but she sure has a temper when she isn't getting her way. Noah turns 3! While we were in Hawaii, Noah celebrated his 3rd birthday. He thought the only reason we were all in Hawaii was for his birthday - we really went for Kyle and Emily's wedding. He loved having cake with his cousins and being in Hawaii for his birthday. Hawaii I didn't get many pictures in Hawaii - I left that up to April, so I'll post more when I get them back. We had a great time and miss the beach and ocean.


Kyle & Emily said...

The porch looks lots better already! Do you need help with it? I would love an excuse to come to SLC again.

The Yoder's Three said...

Pictures of Ava never fail to crack me up. Those huge eyes! Those expressions! I am jealous you got to go to Hawaii. I should have planned my wedding there.

Ty * April said...

Noah looks so much older every time I see him. I have to say though, I think that is one of the first pictures of him with all of his clothes on. :) What a cute nephew and niece I have.

The Jones Family said...

Your kids just LOOK like they have so much personality in those little bodies! Isn't it fun to watch how unique they are. I love the pictures of the house, reminds me of mine. Always a project, but we love it!