Robot Noah and Growing Babies

Ava is standing on everything. It's so fun to just sit back and watch her try to figure things out. Yesterday she was standing on her own for a few seconds. She was holding a toy and let go of her walker. She was a little spooked when she realized she wasn't holding on anymore.
Grant just chilling out and watching Rachelle run on the treadmill - he doesn't look very impressed, does he? I pulled out the 3-6 months clothes for him and it's a good thing because most of them already fit him too well. He's a chunky monkey!
This is Kamae, a little girl who was adopted by a couple in our ward. Isn't she adorable. I've never seen so much hair on a baby in my life. Her mom said she is pretty colicky, so she was amazed to see her so relaxed with all the noise at our house.
I love clean kids bundled up in their towels.
Noah walked up to me the other day and did this little robot dance (from Sid the Science Kid). Then he continues to talk like a robot for hours after. I thought it was so cute. Good news regarding church: As many of you know, Noah has struggled with nursery/primary ever since he started going 2 years ago. The past couple of weeks we've made progress, he will go with hardly any fussing and he stays the entire time! He's even learning things - crazy concept, I know. In fact, he gave the family home evening lesson last week on Daniel in the Lions Den. He was the Lion and Ava was Daniel. He made a lion mask and acted out the story with Ava. He loved it.


Jessica said...

Oh so cute, love your kids!

Emily & Kyle said...

I just might have to post Kyle trying to do the robot so Noah can see it(pretty hilarious) We need to come up there so I can see all of those growing babies again!

Ty * April said...

At this rate, Grant is going to pass Brooks! What cute growing babies. Brooks is now able to get into all sorts of trouble and is so proud of it.

Love the robot dance. I tried to do Daniel and the Lions Den and sent Madi into the den (down the stairs). She wasn't too impressed with me.

The Yoder's Four said...

I love that picture of Grant after his bath! I have so many of Luke like that. I can't believe Ava is standing up like that. She is still so teeny--that must be a strange sight.

mommaquincy said...

He has a great robot voice! His hands are nice, but someone needs to teach him to do some dance moves with his feet! How about Min?