Milestones and Cuteness

Sorry no pictures, too lazy to go get the memory card from the camera. I'm sitting here watching Ava dance while she pushes the button on the magnet barn toy - so dang cute. Every time she does this I'm thinking I really should go get the video camera and tape this; however, I'm sure by the time I go get it she'll stop. Isn't that how it always goes? So yesterday was a big day for Grant and Ava. Grant rolled over (front to back) and Ava got her first tooth (bottom left). All that drooling wasn't for not. Another cute thing Ava did yesterday was when we put on Michael Jackson music to dance around the living room Ava started bouncing in her chair and clapping her hands. Since we're talking all about cute things, yesterday I put a little clip in Ava's hair and every time Noah looked at her he would tell her, "Ava, you look so beautiful". Aw!


mommaquincy said...

I will take your word for it! They all look cute. Maybe you could just carry your video camera around all the time? With the kids you have to care for and working and getting ready to sell the house and move, I'm pretty sure that we're lucky you get a chance to blog at all!

mammasweet said...

I should upload our pictures from Friday and Saturday for you to enjoy. You do a great job with your updates! Thanks.

bethany said...

that sounds wonderful. Do you ever feel like you'll forget all the cute stuff? I do. I don't write it down enough. My favorite thing Amelia has said/done in the last few months was this: We're getting into the car and I'm helping her buckle her car seat. I must've been having a hard time buckling her because she moves my hand away and says, "It's okay, I'll be careful." Like she can somehow keep herself from getting in an accident. I loved it.