Very Merry Unbirthday

Very Merry Unbirthday to you! I think it's a splendid idea to have 364 unbirthdays.
Rob loves Buca Di Beppo so whenever they are in town we usually eat dinner there. It's almost Leah's birthday so we took advantage and got a free dessert. Noah was in heaven with Leah here - he sure is going to miss here while she is in Guatemala.
Grandma makes dinner for ALL of her kids and grandkids' birthdays, if they can make it to her house. That's like 50+ dinners a year, and every dinner is a masterpiece. Oh and did I mention she is 80+ years old. AMAZING LADY. Since Adam is going to be gone for his birthday, grandma made his birthday dinner early. Grandpa and grandma Ellis are some the most amazing people I know; we're going to miss being so close to them.
Taking turns pushing each other around at grandma's house.


Ty * April said...

How cute. They play so well together.
1. I love Buca De Beppo. Very delish.
2. What a neat Grandma to do that on everyones birthdays.
3. Okay that is it. I had a third comment but can't remember it. May be later.

bethany said...

We have an awesome grandma. I fully expect you to cook dinners for everyone's birthdays, punjab. You're the only one who could juggle it. If not, it will be up to my organizations skills or Leah's cooking. If I follow you to California someday, I would like to have (in writing) a promise that you'll make that chicken cordon bleu or that fettuccini alfredo you make every year on my b-day.

Ellis and Karen said...

Summer, how do you find time to blog & keep your house clean since you are selling it & take care of your kids??? You must be super mom! I love all your updates & your kids are cute as ever.

mommaquincy said...

Happy almost birthday Adam!