A lot of Randomness

I was doing such a good job at blogging a few weeks ago, but I've really slacked off recently - the only excuse I have is pure laziness. Ava started taking steps a few days ago. As of today she can take about 7-8 steps before toppling over. She's pretty proud of herself. She doesn't like to walk to people, but rather she practices when no one is watching. It's so fun observing her as she tries to figure this thing out. This video is of her on Friday so day 2 of walking. Sorry it's sideways, I forgot you can't flip a video.
It's a bitter sweet day here in SLC.......Josh and Meg moved today. Sweet for them, but very bitter for us. Josh is Adam's cousin and they moved next door about a year ago and quickly became very close friends. They are the type of friends we love: stop in uninvited (not a bad thing, we love it when people just drop in) and just hang out, help us fix our remodeling errors, play with our kids and love them like their own, love boating as much as we do, etc, etc. The list could go on. Good thing we're moving as well or else their move could be even more bitter. Good luck you two, we're going to miss you guys.


mommaquincy said...

I hope you get your house and husband back soon!

mammasweet said...

The neat thing about cousins is that when you do get together, it's like you were never apart. They will have to make a trip to Sacramento. Think how fun that will be for Noah, Ava and Grant!!

Meg & Josh said...

We miss you guys so much!! I miss being able to walk across the street to just say hi!