Since we're talking about Quincy's I should tell you all that Chris and Richard have been so nice to let me and kids drop in on their Sunday dinners and play with them for a few hours each week. Noah loves to go to Quincy's house because Richard (AKA Quincy) plays with him outside on their fun playground. Such great people.
Noah and Ava sharing cheerios.
Ava loves to follow Noah around and do whatever he is doing. Noah loves to 'lead' Ava in to trouble and then laugh and make sure I see that she is headed for trouble.
I have a video of Grant rolling over and Noah telling you some great wisdom, but it's taking forever getting them uploaded so they will come later.


bethany said...

I love all the Quincy's too! I remember when Joe and I lived at Grandma's we were on our way to the Jordan RIver temple but couldn't find it. We drove around forever until I said, let's go ask Chris. She told us right where to go and then said, "Since I'm the closest to the temple you'll have to let me babysit your kids when you go". They're wonderful.

mommaquincy said...

I love that picture of Richard! He is an awesome grandpa and loves to practice on your boys!