The Acutal Eating of the Cake

[Ava trying to blow out her candle --------- Ava and mom right after she blew out the candle]
[Noah checking out the elephant ------- Ava starting in on her own little cake]
[Really getting some work done now ------- Brooks practicing up for his birthday in a few days]
[After awhile Ava started shoving the cake in a cup and then eating out of the cup ----almost forgot to open presents]
[A small cake and a few large cups of root beer later]
Ava loved it when everyone was singing to her. Funny how she knew all the attention was on her. The look on her face was priceless when everyone was clapping for her after she/Noah blew out the candle. Noah was so cute to Ava that night; he went up to her while she was eating her cake and said, in the sweetest little voice, "Happy birthday to my little baby sister Ava". Ava ate almost the entire cake, with a little help from Brooks, and then the 2 of them downed a few cups of root beer. Ava's little tummy was so big and hard by the end of the night I thought she was going to burst. She must be used to it, because it didn't seem to bother her.


Adam said...

Good job on the party, guys - I felt really sorry for myself on her birthday, and even more so now that I see how much fun you had. I love the close-up on her messy face.

mommaquincy said...

Go Ava!!

Janacy said...

Summer, You are Such an Amazing mom!! GREAT job on the cake!!

Heidi said...

Happy Birthday cute Ava. Love the cake Summer! Way too cute.