Ava turns 1

Ava's birthday was going to be a VERY small celebration at home with me, Noah, Ava and Grant. However, since we decided to stay a little longer in Hurricane we through her a big party with all the Ballard and Wilson families. I had fun getting it all together (with the help of others) and I think everyone else had fun during the actual party. Thanks to all of you that came and celebrated Ava's 1st birthday party with us.
We started off the party with swimming and then headed down for the BBQ. After we pigged out and watched Ava devour her cake the kids got to do a pinata. Auntie Mel supplied the kids with all sorts of fun and candy with this cute strawberry pinata which was as big as Ava.
[Me and Grant -------------Noah diving]
[Amelia, Rash and Madi]
[Grandma Connie, Amelia, Brooke and Kate --------The birthday girl and uncle Matt]
[Ava and her pinata]
[Meg, Madi, Me, Kate, Amelia and Noah up to bat ----- Collecting the goods]
The Loot
[Dad at the BBQ -------Ava checking out the smoke from the root beer]
My parents did a great BBQ for the Ballard and Wilson family. Auntie Em topped it off with some bubbly (root beer).
[Finishing touches - cute decorations strung from the trees and umbrella]
I really enjoy making and creating fun cakes. For Ava's cake I was thinking of a Horton cake because I think that quote, "A Person's a person no matter how small" is fitting for my little Ava. I got the cake ball recipe from Bakerella (they are as good as they look). Horton and the banner are made from fondant, and for the words and shadowing on Horton I used an edible marker (didn't even know they existed, but they are now my new favorite cake tool). I thought the cake turned out really cute, and it tasted great as well.


The Yoder's Four said...

Happy birthday Ava! That is an awesome cake. Your fam sure knows how to throw a party.

Cram Family said...

Happy Birthday to Ava. I can t believe it has been a year. I love the cake it turned out so cute!!

Ty * April said...

Man, whoever took those pictures sure has a good eye. :) ha ha ha
Adam, I tried to get every detail so you wouldn't feel so bad.

Glad you stayed so we could party with you. I would hate for no one to have gotten to see that cake. It was way too cute.

mammasweet said...

I know just who took the pictures! You do have an amazing talent April.

Jessica said...

Wow Summer! That cake is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. So clever with the quote and beautifully executed, what a talent you have! I really like the picture of Ava looking at the smoke because her legs are SUPER CHUNKY!! What a doll, happy birthday Ava!

Harris Family said...

Happy Birthday Ava!! I can't believe she is already 1!! Time sure flies.

The Ellis Family said...

Happy Birthday Ava! Summer, you are an awesome mom. Looks like fun

mommaquincy said...

Happy Birthday Ava! Wow! Summer you are the bomb! I was amazed to read that you made the cake!

Heather said...

That cake is so cute. You did an awesome job!