Dear Daddy

We {miss} you more than you will ever know.
We {love} you more than words can say.
HaPpY fAtHer'S dAy!!


Adam said...

thanks, guys, i miss you like crazy, too. love, dad

bethany said...

Oh my goodness. I always get near tears whenever you do these sentimental ones, punjab. Please just move out there. I can't take this emotional struggle. I think you two have more endurance and strength than I will ever have.

bethany said...

ps are your kids the cutest babies or what? Grant is changing a lot lately. He's tan and thick. I love it.

mammasweet said...

Happy Father's Day to all of you. Adam, Summer, Noah, Ava and Grant. You will never be separated again. You are a beautiful family.

The Yoder's Four said...

I love that last picture!! How on earth did you get them to all look at you at the SAME time??

When are you moving again? Hope it's soon for your sake.

Ty * April said...

Happy Fathers Day Adam!

Hope it will be better next year.:)

p.s. my word verification is :dismove
Do you think that is some kind of subliminal message?

Jen said...

Great photo of you four! Sorry you have to be apart for now. It will make the reunion that much sweeter, take it from someone who knows that part :)

And Happy Birthday today!