I'm Brave or Maybe Just Crazy

{"Daddy I want to go see Mickey"}
{The kids in front of a cool octopus at the Chalk Festival}
{Ava enjoying her ice cream ------------------Grant enjoying a cracker}
{Noah, Grant and Ava eating at Jason's Deli}
I decided to brave the 3 kids, on my own, out on the town and to dinner. We went to the Gateway Mall to see the sidewalk chalk festival (pretty cool), and then we went to Jason's Deli for dinner. I put one baby in the pouch and the other 2 in the stroller and off we went. I get a lot of odd looks. When we went to dinner I buckled both the babies in the stroller and pull them up to the table. It keeps Noah locked in as well as the babies. All was going well until we just get situated and picked up our food, and Noah has to go to the bathroom!! What timing. So, I had to find someone from the restaurant and tell them not to clear our table. Then, I have to take all the kids to the bathroom so Noah can go potty. Another than that minor glitch we had a fun night together.


Adam said...

now you're just showing off.

Kami said...

You are amazing. Your kids are so beautiful.

Heidi said...

Yes, totally brave you are.
Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you enjoy your day and that's its the first and last one away from Adam.

Janacy said...

You only get 'looks' because everyone is wondering how someone could be so brave ;)

I know I wouldn't LOL