Diaper babies

Grant gets held constantly and Ava needed a little snuggle time too, so grandma accomplished both at the same time.
Ava and Brooks sharing some bites
Doesn't it seem like my kids never have clothes on?
Man, I am the blogging queen!!! Next up Ava's birthday party. There are literally over a hundred pictures of the event, so that post will come later.


Janacy said...

Babies in diapers are the Best!!

You're such an amazing mom, Summer!! Watching you in church last week was amazing... You've got it down! You're one of the blessed few with tons of patience, I'm assuming ;)

Geez!! How much has happened in the last few years... SO cool!!

The Yoder's Four said...

I love how Grant and Ava are basically the same size now.

Adam said...

Looks like Grandma Linnie is having all of the fun - I can't wait to squeeze my babies.

Heidi said...

I love Ava's face in most of your posts this last year. It seems to be the same look, like seriously mom. :)

Mary said...

"Those are twins," says Charlotte. I like babies in diapers--more soft skin to snuggle.

mommaquincy said...

They really look like twins in their diapers.