Lots of Sun and Swimming

{Sleeping baby Grant}
{Noah walking underwater - Ava and Joe}
{Grandma Connie and baby Jane}
{Amelia, Grant, Beth, Ava and Noah floating in the background}
It shouldn't be too crazy posting about sun and swimming in the middle of June since that is what the forecast should be, but so far today we have reached a [high] of 55 degrees here in balmy Salt Lake City. Last time I brag about Salt Lake summers. Anyway, the kids and I (and others) did a lot of swimming while in H-town. Noah has no fear in the water. He loves to take off his life jacket and swim all over the place. The babies love the water as well. In fact, Grant loved it so much he fell asleep in his tube for over an hour.


mammasweet said...

Dear Summer, I miss you guys. Can't you just come down again?

Ellis and Karen said...

I can't believe how well Noah does in the water! I also love that Grant just fell asleep. Good thing you guys are gonna have a pool in your backyard!

Ty * April said...

I agree with Grandma Connie!

Mary said...

Thanks for the pictures of all the cousins! Grandma Connie looks as comfortable as Grant, though I wouldn't doubt she was pretending to exercise on those noodles:)

mommaquincy said...

Grant must have an extra dose of Grandpa Ellis napping genes.