Memorial Day - Kolob

Emily Althea and baby Gus ------------------------------- Ali, Kip and Dad
Noah and Madi peeking over the railing------------------- Matt and Kyle in the horseshoe battle
Ava and Grandma checking each other out------------------ April and Brooks--------------- Dad and Grant "assuming the position"
Uncle Kip teaching the kids penny soccer --------------------------------------------------------- Crazy Meg
OK....I'm going to try and catch up from the past couple of weeks in H-town. I have hundreds of pictures, so this might take a few days. Check back often (since I know most of you are checking this blog with baited breath every second anyway).
The whole family (minus my sweet hubby) went to Kolob for memorial day. My oldest brother, Kip, finally proposed to Ali this trip. We're so excited to have her, officially, in the family. Dang...another trip to Hawaii. :)


Ty * April said...

Believe it or not I have been waiting patiently. I guess I will have to continue waiting for more.

Glad you were able to come. We had a great time playing with you guys for the last few weeks. :)

mommaquincy said...

Are you back in SLC?

Kyle and Emily said...

Your dad and Brooks, that pic is priceless. I was wondering where he got all his energy from, but now I know he is his grandpas boy:) We had fun with you guys here, now I am going through Wilson withdrawls! btw Gus will not be his name but I have allowed Kyle to call him that for his nickname