Knowledge is Power

Contrary to what my mom thinks, knowledge is a great thing. As many of you know, my dad is a brainiac and Noah loves books. So, when Noah found a bug book at my parents house he was intrigued to learn about all the bugs, and my dad was willing to expel his knowledge to Noah's curious mind. My mom, being the crazy bug catcher that she is, pulled out her amazing bug collection (yes, my mom has a bug collection in her basement --we don't ask questions).
Now on to catching {BUGS} of his own......in his underwear.


Ty * April said...

Love Love Love these pictures. How priceless will that be when he is older. It is fun to see dad do things with our kids that he wasn't able or got a chance to do with us when we were little.

The Yoder's Four said...

I love your parents! Looks like your mom has quite the collection. Wow. Never knew that about her. And Noah and Madelyn could be underwear buddies. I'm constantly telling her to GET DRESSED.

mommaquincy said...

Noah looks like he is really soaking it all up!