More H-town Pictures

Baby Jane on her blessing day. Beth had to return the dress right after church for another baby to wear it, so we quickly snapped some shots of Jane in her blessing dress. Beth pulled out her binky about 1 second before this picture, thus the binky marks. Isn't she adorable? She's started out looking just like Amelia as a baby, but every time I see her she gets her own look.......and it's a darn cute look.
Ava and Noah, cape and all, helping grandma Connie wash her car. I don't think they were actually much help, but they both can't resist an abandoned hose.
One more picture from Ava's birthday party. Poor Brooks is the only boy in this shot.

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Ty * April said...

And what a lucky boy he is too!

Brooks and Meg do look an awful lot alike. In fact, I have pulled up baby pictures and thought it was Brooks until I looked closer and saw that there were pink flowers all over the overalls and realized it was Meg. Yes he has wore some of Megs baby clothes (that is what you do when you don't have money. :) ) But never any of the pink stuff. We also have had people comment about how you can tell they are family. We just smile and say Thank You! Because that is just what they are.