Catch Up

The famous Miss Nicole - Noah's preschool teacher. We were so lucky to have her for a year. She was amazing!! Noah misses her already.
Ava's church grandma - Carla. Every Sunday I had Carla, Joy or Merle snatching Ava from me the minute I walked in the door. These women were such a great help to me on Sundays. We really missed them this past Sunday when we had to take care of all of our kids at church. (Ava really does love Carla, she was just ready to come to me by the time I snapped this picture)
Grant at the Douglas Ward 4th of July party.
Noah's pals - Jay, Sadie and his best friend "Dutch"


mommaquincy said...

Have you found new grandmas for your kids in California?

Kyle and Emily said...

thats just sad

Heidi said...

Grant is getting so big and he's so dang cute. I hope you enjoy CA. Wish you lived closer though.