Official Californians

We arrived at the Yangs on Saturday (July 10th) to a nice dinner fixed by Mary. The kids have had fun playing with their cousins and are getting along really well.
Ava pigging out at Mary's after a long drive.
It's been fun being close (we're about an hour away from the Yangs) to cousins so we can celebrate things like birthdays. (Charlotte's 4th birthday party)
After unpacking a few boxes we immediately started our search for parks. This is the first park we found last week. We found a splash pad/water park a few days ago but I forgot my memory card in my camera.
Our first weekend here, we went swimming at some friends house (Adam's co-workers/friends, I'm just claiming them as friends - what's his is mine, right?!). After swimming and lunch we headed to Esparto to go to Cache Creek with the Yangs. We had fun and Noah was in heaven since he got to swim all day long. That was our first week adventures - stay tuned for what we've been up to this past week.

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mammasweet said...

Summer, I just noticed you've caught up on every missing week of blogging. Supermom Summer.