Crazy and Sometimes Mean Kids

[Sweet], right?
{Innocent}, right?
!WRONG! Ava thinks it's so fun to sit on her brother and ride him like a horse. Grant HATES it. Whenever I hear him screaming I can't just assume he is just ornery anymore, because Ava is usually sitting on him, beating him with a toy or poking his eyes.
This little fart is getting quite the [personality]. She loves to get in to things she shouldn't and she cusses Noah all day. This is how I found her today after her nap - notice her blankets are everywhere and her diaper is not where it should be. Just look at that sassy face. It's so hard not to laugh at her bad behavior. :)
My little vacuum cleaner.....Grant. He likes to find his way to Ava's after lunch mess, and help me clean it up.
Still of Bill Irwin in How the Grinch Stole Christmas
{Crazy} Noah - I think he looks like Lou Lou Who from the Grinch when he wears these glasses like that.
DUKTAK #2: I have yet to see a left turn yield on green sign (I know they exist here, but they're rare). You can only turn on a green arrow.


The Yoder's Four said...

Hahaha...poor Grant! Sorry Ava's being such a handful. I can only imagine how busy you are. Good luck finding a house!

Btw, CUTE quilt Mary made and I love the old pic of you guys in the tutus!!

mommaquincy said...

My friend had to duct tape her daughter's diapers on for naps.

Ty * April said...

If I didn't put Meg down for a nap with shorts on she woke up everytime like this. Putting shorts on stopped Meg but I have heard of someone that put their kids diapers on backwards so they couldn't undo them.

Jen said...

enjoy your arrows! I don't get the "yield on green" thing here. You never make the light!

miss you at work :(

Heidi said...

Well...you have to have one in every bunch and it looks like Ava is it.
She's just letting them know now that you will never be able to push her around and she's boss no matter what! ;) Hang in there. Shorts worked for me as well with the diapers.