Latest Happenings

The kids intently listening to a message from the missionaries.
Little monkey, Grant. He figured out how to climb up the couch in to the window.
My slightly odd mother sent Noah this bug collection, along with a snake (fake), a terrarium, flashlight and a couple of books about bugs and amphibians. Only my mom would send bugs in the mail. I'm just waiting for a package that has something alive in it. It wouldn't even shock me. Noah stairs at those bugs everyday, and we read about new creatures almost every night.
Morning apple juice juggers.


Kyle and Emily said...

cute little farts. one more week can't wait! thanks again for the bathroom ideas:)

Ty * April said...

You shouldn't be shocked. She was going to send you a tarantula that they caught but it died. We enjoyed it on the table for a day though.

Brooks and Grant look very much a like right now. You're coming in a week?!? When do you get here. May be I can convince Madi to hold off on her birthday a day or two.

The Yoder's Four said...

I'm soooo glad Luke hasn't been a climber like Madelyn was at his age. I'm seriously amazed she hasn't had any broken bones in her 5 years because she's still always on top of stuff.

Your mom is awesome.

mammasweet said...

Grant it growing up too fast. Can't you slow him down until I see him? I have to tell you, it does my heart good to see you with the Yang kiddos. All the California cousins partying together!