Water babies

From the minute they wake up, they all want to be outside playing in a bucket, or cooler, of water.


Ty * April said...

Okay, I am officially jealous of the San Fran trip. Looks like you are enjoying the full northern California Life.

These pics remind me of my kids, a hose in their mouth or their face in water. Brooks will take the hose by the pool put it in his mouth and let go with a look like, "See how cool and tricky I am." FUNNY!

Janacy said...

I LOVE this pic of Grant... It's definately one he will adore when older ;)


Heidi said...

Your kiddos are so cute! Give the little ones water and it entertains them for hrs. I bet Noah is pretty good at entertaining them now that the Ava and Grant are mobile more.

mommaquincy said...

Great idea for a water table! They are such cuties!