A Dinosaur Party for My 4 Year Old and Matt

My little {boy} turned 4! And this old man, Matt, turned 30!
As you will see Noah sort of stole the show. That's what happens when you get old, I guess. Sorry Matt, we hope you still felt special on your birthday.
first up: SWIMMING
uncle Chucky (Kyle) with Noah and Ava
[Meg] showing her true self........CrAzY
the Bringhurst bunch, minus April, she was the photographer for the whole shindig
Ava, Me, Kate, Brooke and Jana
Emily and baby Gus
NEXT: the food
Eli and Brooke waiting for some grub
the kids table - Meg, Noah, Kate, Madi, Stegosaurus and T-Rex
grandpa [Rob] supplied us with some snow cones from snow shacks
Em and Ava
grandma Connie texting - she's so tech savvy. :)
I had fun making this {dinosaur} cake for Noah and Matt. Noah picked out the colors and made sure everyone knew his was the blue and green one, and Matt's was the orange one. The dinosaurs are rice krispies and fondant and the cake was a yellow cake.
milk chocolate cupcakes with white chocolate dinosaurs
Melissa supplied the party with all the cute decorations and party favors. We had blow up dinosaurs, those blow thingys, little dinosaurs, and ring dinosaurs. The kids loved them.
My {mom} got these coloring books and some dino flash cards for all the kids. I realize I didn't get any pictures of my parents. As usual, they do a lot to help with these parties. THANK YOU!
GRANT enjoyed the cupcakes!
Noah didn't eat anything that night. All he wanted to do was play with the toys.
NOW: the presents & some cute kids
Noah's big boy bike
Noah got some really fun gifts (thanks everyone). April made him that cool cape that he hasn't taken off since.
Ava checking out Wilson, the cat


Mary said...

What a great party! We were sorry to miss it, but it looks like Noah had plenty of attention without our kids in the fray. And April's cape is the coolest!

rachelle said...

Solid update shlum. I'm thus satisfied for a few days. I'm pretty bummed I missed the festivities too,not to mention those cupcakes look like they wish they were in my gizzards. So, let's discuss how you're going to bring those tinies back for Halloween.....yeah, I'm gonna need that to happen. Thanks

bethany said...

That cake looks awesome. You should make another cooking reality tv show, punjab. That looks so profesh.

mommaquincy said...

What a fun party! I am so impressed with your cakes! You need to teach some famiy classes or something!

The Yoder's Four said...

Your parties always make me realize how incredibly lame mine are. That CAKE!!! Where did you learn to do that??!

Happy birthday Noah! (and Matt!)

Ty * April said...

We had so much fun with you guys here. Glad to see some pictures worked. The cake was awesome. I am going to have to start trying some of that. I don't have that talent, as much as I would like it though.
* Glad he likes the cape. At least he isn't in that rainbow vest anymore. :)

The Ellis Family said...

Sign me up for those cake classes! Looks like a fun party!

rachelle said...

why won't my name say I updated? I hate technology

Jessica said...

Great job Summer! Everything turned out great. The cakes are so cool, did you make the white chocolate dinosaurs too? What a fun party!

Heidi said...

Seriously I want your creative abilities. I love the cakes, they are so Martha Stewart Perfect. :)