We got a VERY late start to the boating season this year, so we're trying to cram in as many lake trips as possible. We sent our boat in to the shop for some tune ups and ended up with a brand new engine. The mechanic dropped a bolt in to the engine while he was working on it and destroyed the engine (too bad we put a new engine in last year). The shop replaced it for us, but we were worried it wouldn't be done in time to bring it back to California. Luckily, it got done just in time. We had to take if for a test run in Hurricane, so we took the only takers we could find, Kyle and Emily to Sand Hallow. Check out that trip {Here}. Emily posted it on her blog so why duplicate it.
Next up, and first waterskiing trip in California........Folsom Lake. I'll show you a map so you know where these places are. I love to know where things are in relationship to stuff. Mary and the kids came with us. Noah and Charlotte had fun tubing. We went on a Tuesday so we were the only ones on the lake (well, a few fishermen but they don't count). Made for some awesome water.
Following Folsom lake we decided to head up to Bullard's Bar. It's a pretty big lake (has houseboats on it). Mary and the kids were sick so we had to recruit some friends to go with us. Rachel and Jared came with us on this trip. When we were loading the boat I realized I forgot my camera!! So these are the only pictures I have from a really crappy cell phone camera. I guess we'll have to go back to get better pictures. This lake is beautiful - clear blue/green water, the shoreline is covered in trees. It was a great lake trip. Noah skiied for his first time (stood on skiis with his dad). He wasn't too sure about it at first, but then he loved it. *Click on the pictures to see a little bigger - above picture stolen from internet*
Noah getting ready to ski for the very first time
Noah and Adam skiing
Noah skiing with his daddy
Noah getting ready for our river adventure. Sacramento has 2 rivers that run through the middle of it, the Sacramento river and the American river. You can boat on both rivers but there is a 5mph limit on the American river. On the Sacramento river you can go as fast as you want and waterski on it as well. We didn't do any skiing this trip, but it was really fun to go under all the bridges and look at the houses on the shorelines. It's the start of the Salmon run so there are a lot of fishermen on the river as well. I need someone to come out here and go fishing so we can have fresh Salmon - Kyle? One of these days we'll take the boat on the river all the way to the bay. Any takers?
Min, Noah, Freddie and Charlotte
Ava asleep at the wheel with her daddy. She never let go of that flag - flagger in training.
Delicious BBQ after the river adventure.


Kyle and Emily said...

Oh goody an update overload! I was beginning to think you were a HUGE slacker! How long does the salmon run go? If you know a good dr up there we can come otherwise this girl and her hubby are staying put for the next 3 weeks:) you could be my doula.

Mary said...

I love seeing pictures of our adventures since I never take our piece of crap camera. Thanks for inviting us!

mommaquincy said...

Very cool looking lakes! Way to go Noah!!

The Yoder's Four said...

FUN! Geez you are busy (as always). I can't believe you're doing a preschool co-op. Of course you'll be amazing at it, though!

I'm glad you found a house. It will be gorgeous by the time you're done with it. :)

PS. Congrats to Adam on his promotion! And happy anniversary!!

mammasweet said...

Yippee! It's the Wilson family boaters. Where have you been? Oh ya, moving all summer. I love you - thanks for the great pictures.

Hayley said...

My gosh....you are bringing back all sorts of memories. I loved that river. We always went down and swam in the water and played our summers away there. JEALOUS and I want to come visit!