Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas this year. It started out at the Yangs for Christmas Eve.
Mary is so amazing. She can do EVERYTHING! She made gingerbread houses for the kids to decorate, and a great Christmas Eve dinner.
Our Christmas Eve feast - it was so good!
After gingerbread houses and dinner, we read the Christmas story in Luke 2. The kids put up the pictures on the flannel board as Adam read it.
Happy, fat baby Lionel.
Since the kids got their Christmas pajamas earlier this month, we decided to do a Christmas Eve book.
Ava loved opening presents - after the first present she understood that there was something inside for her after she ripped the paper off.
Noah was so much fun this year. He was excited about everything, which made it even more fun for me.
We also opened the presents from Kate and Brooke (they had our names in the Wilson family). Jan made these really cute blankets for all the kids, and inside were little presents for the kids. Ava got some little dishes that Grant and Ava love to play with. I love that picture of Ava carrying her present, she was determined to get it opened, so she was taking it to her dad for help.
Daddy read the books to the kids, and then off to bed so Santa could come.


mammasweet said...

I loved sharing the Christmas Eve experience through pictures! Thanks, Summer. I think you must have been singing some pretty carols along the way to Yangs.....and back? Love you.

The Ellis Family said...

What an awesome Christmas for your kids. I bet Christmas morning was so fun. Thanks for sharing the pics!

Mary said...

Everyone and everything looks good except my scarcely hairy legs.

Mary said...

Ah ah! Min wrote the last comment, not Mary...for the record, Mary has silky smooth legs with no varicose veins:)