Christmas Morning

Noah was so excited to walk in and see his Toothless dragon. He got tons of dragon stuff, books, a robot bug and a wiggle car. Santa must have thought he was a really good boy this year.
Ava got a doll, stroller and a crib (the crib was mine from when I was little - I painted it yellow and added a new blanket). She loves her baby now, but on Christmas all she wanted to do was go down the slide.
Granty loves playing with these dishes that Ava got.
Noah giving Ava a ride on the wiggle car.
Grant's Christmas present (Santa did a lot of shopping on craigslist this year - smart guy). All the kids have loved having this in the living room.
Aunt April made these cute silky P.J.'s for Ava. She loves them, and thinks it's neat to twirl in them.


Jon & Bridget said...

Have you taken a spin on the wiggle car? We love riding them down my parents driveway! ;) I love the crib... I had one too. Now that I think about it I wonder where it is. PVC was thee thing back in our day! I am glad to see that santa dumped his sleigh at your house too!

mammasweet said...

No wonder you like it in Sacramento! You're closer to the North Pole!! Santa dropped his whole bag at your house this year. Summer, I'm trying to find a good bread recipe. My whole wheat one started with 9 cups of wheat, ground up and yeast raising in hot water. I'll call ya:)

mommaquincy said...

Oh! We had the same activity gym in our front room for a long time!

The Yoder's Four said...

I've been wanting to get a wiggle car! Looks like the kids had an awesome Christmas. :)

Ty * April said...

What cute little stinks! We love our wiggle cars. We are having a blast with them. Funny, how Santa knew all of their favorite colors. Christmas looks like it was fun. Can't wait to see those little monsters in a month and a half.