Christmas Music

We [LOVE] Christmas music around here. Usually we start listening to it a little around August, but non stop during December. Noah loves to sit next to his daddy and help him sing the Christmas carols.
In a matter of minutes, all the kids want to be involved.
Ava wanted to sit on daddy's lap.
She got her turn.
Sorry I missed yesterday, but we went to Adam's work party and didn't get home until almost 11:00. It was nice to spend the evening with my hubby, and no interruptions from kids. Mary and Min were so gracious to come over and watch the kiddos for the evening. Thanks again, we really appreciated it! Dinner was {oh.so.good}. I had Fillet Mignon and Adam got prime rib. DELISH! Too bad we don't drink - they had an open bar as well which most of them took advantage of. I know how amazing Adam is, but it was nice to hear from his boss and co-workers how great he is doing. His boss came over to me to brag him up and let me know Adam has a very bright future with Fidelity. Adam's branch (well, not his, but the Sacramento branch) came in number 1 for 2010 for all the Pacific Northwest Fidelity branches. I'm sure it's because Adam is there kicking butt, I mean, kicking bums.
To make up for missing yesterday, enjoy this video of Grant dancing. He's a funny little dancer.


Kyle and Emily said...

his dancing is the cutest thing ever!

Ty * April said...

That is adorable. It looks like Grant has got some moves. Brooks loves to dance also, but he got his daddys white man moves.

bethany said...

You are forgiven for leaving for one day to play. We had Rob's company part last night, another open bar situation. Thanks for the little dancer! He's worth a million bucks.

mommaquincy said...

I'm glad you got a day off to party!

Heidi said...

Love the dancing. He's too cute! It's such a fun age.

CarlosTapia desde Chile said...

Adam, sigues cantando muy bien y tus hijos son tus bailarines jajajaja Te felicito a ti y tu familia
Les queremos mucho
Carlos y familia