Nursing Bibbins

I HAD to go shopping for a new shirt tonight. Adam's work Christmas party is tomorrow, and I honestly have no 'going out' shirts. Thanks to Melissa, I have plenty of everyday shirts though. Thanks again Mel for clothing me. Anyway, I went to the mall tonight and after 2 hours a trying on clothes I almost left with nothing. All I can say is, it's hard to find clothes for nursing bibbins. I feel for you well endowed girls. That's the long story as to why you only get one picture tonight. This is how Ava sleeps - head completely covered by her blanket.


mommaquincy said...

Sweet! No pictures of you blouse?

Kyle and Emily said...

agreed! Especially one that wont get all stretched out from pulling it up all the time. Ava is so stinkin cute even when her head is all covered up. I just noticed tonight that the rat is still alive and kickin and even made it into the blog title picture with your kids:)

Jessica said...

Good news, they shrink! At least mine certainly do. So just look forward to that. :) (over 1 cup of shrinkage per nursing kid for me) In the meantime... no button up shirts is my advice.