Wrestling Babies

Grant's been attempting to walk for over a month now, but just this past week he's been trying a little harder and can make it across the room. Whenever we practice with Grant, Ava and Noah want to 'practice' their walking as well. Ava likes Grant to walk to her. Recently, Ava and Grant do this cute thing where Ava will catch Grant and then they hug each other until they fall down. It's hilarious to watch. It's about sixes on who wins the take down.


mommaquincy said...

How fun! And Grant's head wagging and sticking his tongue out while he danced was delightful!

Melissa Scott said...

I like how Adam quickly and smoothly pushes Noah out of the way! Ape said that Meg watched this video a kazillion times today. So cute!

mammasweet said...

..I keep watching it also, Melissa.