The time is quickly approaching for kindergarten sign ups, and I'm debating whether I should send Noah this August. When we lived in Utah the cut off is September 1st, so he wasn't going to be able to go to kindergarten until 2012. Now that we live in California and the deadline is December 4th, he can go to kindergarten this year. A few months back Adam and I decided we were going to send him because he's really smart already; however, we've been talking to some teachers and most of them say to hold him back. Now I can't decide! Here are my thoughts (I know you can hardly wait because I have such profound thoughts).
Reasons to send him:
1. He's pretty smart for his age (I can brag, I'm his mom). Knows all his letters and most of the sounds. Can read a few words.
2. I don't want him to be bored if he already knows everything they're learning in kindergarten.
3. I think he could handle it
4. He's been in preschool 2 years already.
5. Could get a year of college in before mission.
Reasons not to send him
1. Spend one more year at home with me
2. Would be one of the oldest kids in his class (could be a reason to send him too)
3. More mature - teachers say it makes more of a difference in junior high.
4. Could leave for his mission right after graduation
Anyway, those are just a few thoughts I'm tossing around my little brain these days. I just found out about a junctional kindergarten that they do here. It's like a more advanced preschool but not quite kindergarten. Might be a good alternative.
So, I'm asking all you mothers, teachers, kids, turned adults, who were once the youngest or oldest kids in their class, what would you do?


Annalie said...

My son Jamison's birthday is July 30 and we decided to keep him home one more year. It wasn't because we didn't think he could handle the school work, he was really smart and loved to learn, but because we thought it would be good for him to have one more year to mature emotionally and attention span wise. It was a hard choice and Ben and I didn't always agree but now both of us are SO glad we did it! He is one of the best behaved kids in the class and he's doing awesome. He already knew most of the things that they talked about at the begining of the year but I don't think that was a bad thing because he was able to feel really smart so it was a good confidence booster. Anyway, that is my story. Good luck!

mammasweet said...

...and I sent Eli, the youngest in his class. He had most of his associates before his mission.

The Lemmon's said...

The reason to not send him because he could leave on his mission right after graduation is one that Rand was grateful for in his situation. The temptations to do things his classmates can do age-wise but he's not old enough for yet (dating, driving, etc.) might be easier if he's one of the oldest. Hard decision and I'm glad it's you and not us. :) Though, we went over these same thoughts when we were deciding to skip Tracen a grade this year or not. We ultimately didn't and so far I'm glad. He's a young one anyway and I didn't want him any younger than his peers than he already was. Good luck!

mommaquincy said...

Jess was the oldest in her class and hated it. Especially when she was old enough to date and none of the guys were. I think that its probably different for the boys. If he's going to be an athelete it would be an advantage to be older. Every kid is different and that's why the parents get the inspiration about what is right for that kid.

Kyle and Emily said...

keep him home forever, homeschool kids always turn out the best;) lol


Ty * April said...

I discussed this with Ty. I remember trying to figure this out with Madi last year. I'm am glad that I held her back (not that they would have probably taken her). I needed that other year with her home. And I think she is a little more mature to handle the pressure of having friends and all that entails. Ty says the only reason to hold them back is athletics. If that is important don't send him. But I also remember Ty complaining that he was the youngest one in our grade. He hated having to wait a whole year before his mission. He just wanted to get on with life like his friends were. But we all know how much he loves school so had he gone to college he could have gotten a full year in. Tough choice.
You could always keep him home and then he could come visit for a week here and a week there. That would be the funnest!

Jon & Bridget said...

Jon and I talk about this all the time. JT will be 5 in June so technically we could send him in 2 years. I think we have finally come to the conclusion that we will keep him back because of sports. I think you have to do what you feel is right. I loved our class... glad I didn't go the grade before. No offense April ;)Good luck... glad I don't have to worry about that for a few more years! :)

Mary said...

You know we're as indecisive about this as you...but lately I'd be willing to send Charlotte to boarding school, so we're getting her shots and signing up! I loved reading all the comments--all these good parents!

The Yoder's Four said...

Do the junctional kindergarten--happy medium. As long as he's still going to some sort of program and keeping busy, he'll be fine. I also have cousins who have waited a year so their son could be bigger and older for basketball purposes.

Madelyn is one of the oldest in her kindergarten class but the youngest in her primary class, and she does not enjoy the teasing from the older 1st grade boys in her class at church. Better to be older than younger, I guess.

Loni said...

All three of my girls were some of the oldest(Sept,Oct,Nov) They have all done well in school, sports, music etc. Once you start your child in school there is no going back--its fun to enjoy them as long as you can. One of Emily's friends started school in AZ and then now lives in Utah. She is almost a whole year younger than Em-- and has to wait to do everything that her friend's in her grade do. I think you just have to evaluate, take everything into consideration and go with your "gut" (revelation) as parents. You guys will figure out. Sorry for the "book" response. Love you all.

Hayley said...

I was a youngest and started college at 17. I really hated being the youngest. I dated last, drove last, had to still have my parents still sign everything after I started college (for "permission"). I think I would have done a lot better had I been the same age as my peers rather than a year younger. I didn't really mind in elem. school....but when I was in my pre-teens it started to make a huge difference.

Jessica said...

Have the same dilemma with Dylan...his birthday is the end of August. Pretty sure I will hold him back except the thought of all three kids in school is very inticing...dang, too bad he's only two!

Jessica said...

Funny that my mom remembers me hating being the oldest... because I remember liking it! :) I liked being smart and that everything was easy for me intellectually, the social aspect was enough to handle. I thought I was so cool getting my driver's license earlier too.
Dan is the opposite, the youngest in his class and did a lot of college before the mish. Both of us seem to have turned out fine!
I think Noah's a good kid and will be fine either way. As the idea of kindergarten approaches us too, I think realistically I'd hold mine back. Just because it's hard to let them go! Do whatever feels right, good luck!

Heidi said...

You've probably made your decision by now, but Nick hated being the youngest in his class. He had to wait a whole year to go on his mission, etc. He hung out with the class younger than him...we all know that. My opinion...I would hold him back and let him be the oldest. Just keep mastering his ABC's and sounds and let him play another year and develop more emotionally and mentally.