Recipe and Twins

OK, sorry it's another recipe post.  My genius sister-in-law Emily Althea started her own recipe blog to catalog all her recipes.  I thought that was such a cleaver idea, I decided to steal the idea and start one myself.  So, from now on instead of taking up all my family blog space with recipes, I'll just post a link on this blog that will take you to the recipe blog.  So mom, here is a step-by-step guide on how to do this (my mom can do EVERYTHING, except use a computer).  1. click on the little blue square above, or 2. you can click on 'Recipes' link at the top of this page and it will take you to another page where you will see all the little blue square recipes.  3. Find the recipe you want and then click on it.  Easy, right?  I stole the little square idea from another blog too (this one).  I like how easy it is to find the recipes.  
So, these spring rolls are by far my favorite thing I've made recently.  Pretty time consuming, but worth it.
Difficulty: 4
Stars: 6! Yeah the scale only goes to 5, but these are so good.  Anything fried is good, right? :) 

Just so you don't stop checking the blog, because it's been recipe after recipe lately.  Here is a picture of my twins.  I lied 10 times in one shopping trip to Costco last week.  I get asked so many times if Ava and Grant are twins.  If it's someone I probably won't see again, I lie and say "yes they are".  Horrible, I know, but I don't want to explain so many stinking times why they are only 5 months apart.  My favorite, was this older lady who asked me if they were fraternal or maternal.  At first I looked at Ava and Grant to make sure Ava was wearing a girly shirt.  Just in case she could be mistaken as a boy.  She actually had a bow in her hair, so it was obvious there was a boy and a girl in the cart. So I politely said, "well, there's a boy and a girl, so they can't be maternal (identical), right?" She looked puzzled and then mumbled something foolish and walked off.   I couldn't resist. :) 


Kyle and Emily said...

Wow slum getting sassy from living in CA. I always new you were a liar deep down;)

Kyle and Emily said...

how do you do the cool squares?

Summer said...

i made a template in photoshop. made it like 140pxl x 140 pxl.

The Yoder's Four said...

YUM that recipe looks divine. I'm excited about a separate recipe blog!

If you didn't know Grant and Ava's real story there's no way you'd be able to tell they weren't twins. I think it's fine to tell people that they are.

mommaquincy said...

They are really looking like twins!! I'm afraid that I'm too lazy for a difficult recipe, but it does look delish!

Ty * April said...

I am all for the recipe posts. I don't mind them at all. Now if you or someone else would like to come and make them for me that would be even better.
They do look like twins. Cute little stinks.

Kyle and Emily said...

slum, how in the heck do I do that if I don't have photoshop? maybe a sweet loving sil would do it;)

Kyle and Emily said...

slum we should do this when we come for the fourth! They allow jogging strollers so you could bring the twins and Noah could hang with the boys.