More Recipes and Savings

I posted some more recipes for you.  You can find them under the recipes folder at the top of the blog.  I think I've actually posted some of these on here before, but now they're on the recipe blog. 
I never thought I'd be a 'couponer', merely for the fact that I thought it was way too labor intensive for the end result.  Well, my friends, I've been converted.  I've been clipping away, or downloading away.  Of course I still spend way too much at Costco, but one of the supermarkets I frequent has coupons online you can download to your club card, so that's helping me cut back a little on our food budget. I went shopping yesterday for our 3 week menu and I saved a whopping $66!  I got 5 boxes of cereal for free! Granted they were raisin bran and corn flakes, but hey, they were free.  I guess I can sign up to make funeral potatoes now.    
Sorry mom, no pictures of the kiddos.  We were really busy last week, and the weather was fantastic so we frequented the parks.  It's supposed to rain a lot this coming week, so I'll do my best to post some more pictures.


Ty * April said...

Okay, that is great! Teach me. i want to learn to coupon. Everybody is making beef roll. I might join in and be part of the cool club.

Summer said...

I know. It was ironic, because I made beef roll the same day Emily posted it on her blog. That happens a lot to me. Occasionally I'll call mom, and she happens to be making the same thing I am that day. Bizarre.