The Weather Outside is Frightful

Noah was sitting on the potty a few days ago, and kept telling me he could hear ducks.  I just brushed him off, because he is always hearing creatures outside.  Anyway, I looked outside and found some more visitors in our pool (ducks).  For living in the city, we sure get a lot of wildlife visiting our backyard. 
One of the parks we go to happens to be very close to Dairy Queen, so we HAD to stop.  Is it bad that my kids, including the babies, know what is coming when we pull in to Dairy Queen?  They all get really excited and Noah starts requesting his cone to be dipped in chocolate.  I guess that's what happens when their mom is an ice cream fanatic.  
He even gets it in his eye lashes.
We have A LOT of projects going on at our house, and I decided to add another one to the list.  Adam agreed to let me turn this shed in our backyard, into a playhouse for the kids.  Saturday, while Adam was working on the pool (we had algae problems a few days ago) and pulling out bushes, I removed all the shelves and hosed it down.  Hopefully this week I can get it painted.  I was going to put up sheet rock and insulation, but decided to just paint it for now to save money.  
Grant enjoying the, not so frightful, weather. He's in heaven - a hose in one hand and a corn dog in the other. 
My little, naked bottomed, monkey.


The Yoder's Four said...

I wish I had that shed! Bah!! Then maybe I could haul our yard tools out of the garage and have room to park both our cars in there! We're having ANOTHER blizzard right now!

Love that pic of the three kids sitting on the porch with their ice cream.

bethany said...

you take awesome pics, punjab

Kyle and Emily said...

Great idea on the play house. My neighbors had one and we spent hours inside that thing!!

Janacy said...

I love how Ava is starting to look like Amelia ;)
I want ducks! ;)

Ty * April said...

The weather looks so delightful! It is suppose to be 71 on Saturday. Yeah! Although, I will say, these don't quite look like Hawaii.

mommaquincy said...

Great idea!

mammasweet said...

I think it would be cool if you could cut the window on the house side out bigger, so they could look out while they're playing....sorry, that would be more work:) Remember, you took me in there back in November?