Week in Review

Baby Lionel turned the big numero UNO on Thursday!  The kids and I drove through howling winds and torrential rain to get there, but we always have fun at the Yang home, so it's worth it. Lionel wanted to touch the fire, but didn't want anything to do with the muffins.  

Isn't he adorable?  Look at those scrumptious thighs!

Ava and Grant entertaining themselves on the bleachers at swimming lessons.

Noah splashing his teacher, Evan.

Enjoying some snack - since they don't get to get in the water, it's the least I could do.  

There is a large fenced patio at the pool, so most of the time I just let the babies outside to run around while I watch Noah swim.  It was very convenient.

More recipes coming soon.  Ava's my taste tester and bowl cleaner.

Our spring flowers are blooming, and I'm loving these Birds of Paradise that are on the side of our house. Aren't they the coolest looking flowers?
Stay tuned for some videos of the kiddos and more recipes.


Mary said...

when was the sun shining for those patio pictures of the babies!? I hear the rain will stop tomorrow. Thanks for coming to play despite the weather. You guys are so dependable:)

mommaquincy said...

Nice swimming Noah! I am amazed that Lionel is 1! He is adorable!

Eli Wilson said...

I see that you've taken to posting terrible pictures of Mary now that she's declared herself allergic to the internet. Very cheeky, Punjab!