What do you do when it Rains......A LOT?

It's been raining quite a bit lately, so our living room turns into a pirate ship (the couch), a big bridge (the cushions), Hook (Noah) and hot lava (the carpet).  Hook had to wear goggles on his head just in case the ship turned in to a submarine.  I love little imaginations.

Granty Panty got a black eye from jumping on the pirate ship.  Maybe he just wanted a real patch. 

The real deal.....not just deep fried roll dough.  Real Scones.  YUMMY!  This recipe is actually half the original recipe and it still made way too much.  I fried about 20 scones, and still had enough dough to freeze some.  


Kyle and Emily said...

our weather here has been amazing. jealous yet? poor granty, I still bet that Ava pushed him off the pirate ship or somethin'1

rachelle said...

Items in a list:
A- I am an excellent cook and shepherds pie and one boston cream pie incident will not be my identifier!
B- listen, my poor, self-esteem barren sister...I am forced to leave multiple comments on my other sister's blogs because I notice their lack of friends. It's a sort of service I do, much similar to helping the blind, playing with handicap children, etc.

C- You guys should come home for Easter.
D- I like to think you had too much food and a boring existence before I came to live with you, so I was more of a necessity than a burden:)
F- don't listen to B althea and lirpa.

Ty * April said...

Way to add that last one rachelle. :)

I love that little boys imagination. So great. I second rachelle, you should come for Easter.

Summer said...

How about you all come to California for Easter.....yeah, better idea.

mammasweet said...

I'm all for California for Easter. Who get's that back bedroom?

Jessica said...

I love the pirates, such creative minds. Sophie would love to be in your front room for the afternoon! Do you always keep the play thing in there? Very cool.

Summer said...

Jess,yes, that was Gran't Christmas present and me and the kids have loved having it in the house so much we still haven't taken it outside yet.