We've had some really good recipes this week.  These fish tacos were really good.  Pretty mild fish flavor.  I didn't make the pico de gallo (I forgot tomatoes at the store) or the crema.  I think if I had those 2 things they would have been perfect.  
Super easy.  Next time I'll cook for longer at lower heat.  Some of the pieces of steak were tough - others tender.  I think shorter cooking time would fix that.  Just guessing though.
Easy.  Super Tasty.  Not much else to say.  Adam says I'm not supposed to put lettuce on fajitas, so I guess mine were more of a burrito. 
My childhood favorite dessert. Still definitely a top 5.  This cake recipe is so dense, moist and delicious.   I use this cake recipe sometimes for cakes I'm going to put fondant on because it's so dense and moist.  
A must try recipe!!


Ty * April said...

Meg keeps pointing to pictures, make that one move too. :) We have all been watching Noah's swimming lessons. (grandma and grandpa too.) We are all pretty impressed. Brooks is into puckering his lips and pouting too. So funny.

The Yoder's Four said...

Those fajitas look DELISH. Geez, Summer. What can't you do?!?!

mammasweet said...

It's probably a good thing you're in Roseville, CA. This is the 12th week of my Wellness Challenge - I'm down 7 pounds, have a perfect score so far. If you were closer, I would have used all my free points and GAINED WEIGHT:-)