Freddie turns 3

Sir Freddie turned 3 on Monday (I had it on my calendar for Tuesday, since that is when the Wilson calendar said it was - from now on I'm only looking at the Ellis calendar!! At least they only missed it by one day.  Brooks was a whole month).  His crazy (see above), yet sweet, mom invited us and a couple of his friends, to the Sacramento Zoo for is party.  
Marv and I were out numbered by a long shot!  8 kids 2 adults. 
The birthday boy blowing out his imaginary candles.  Mary brought everything for a great picnic, cupcakes with sprinkles, and even candles - just forgot the matches.  Funny thing was, Freddie automatically blew out the candle once the birthday song was over - instinct, I guess. 

The party kids with their cupcakes (Lionel is behind the camera trying to sneak into the monkey cage)

Aloha, Cameron and Noah checking out the flamingos. 

Noah's favorite were these gorillas. They were pestering the kids by hitting the glass with sticks and throwing leaves on them from above.  They thought it was pretty awesome.

Giraffe up close and personal.

Monkeys - human kind and animal kind.
Thanks Freddie for turning 3, and inviting us to your party.  We had a great time.


mammasweet said...

...and thanks for inviting me through your narrative and great photos, Summer! I almost can smell the animals:-)

bethany said...

That top picture sums up marv entirely.

Ty * April said...

I have decided that having a zoo nearby is a requirement for any place your are thinking of moving too. Doesn't mom's house count as a zoo or may be my children? they act like animals a lot. Ask Brooks what a puppy says and he doesn't say woof he pants like a dog instead. A direct result of his sisters. If that isn't zoo like I don't know what is. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Hello!! You guys are brave to take 8 kiddos to the zoo!! Looks like so much fun, though. I really miss having the zoo and aquarium in ABQ so close. Cedar is so boring.

mommaquincy said...

Thanks for the great pictures! I love the shot of Freddie "blowing out" the candle and Charlotte blowing behind him!

Mary said...

I didn't even notice Charlotte blowing behind Freddie. Thanks again for documenting my children's milestones since I NEVER have my camera handy.