Fun Easter Week

We went to Fairytale town with some friends last week.  It's basically a place with lots of play structures to climb on and slides.  The kids thought it was pretty fun. 

I realize my kids must be pretty adventurous, because my parenting skills have been questioned a lot lately.  I had a couple of moms ask me if I was going to let my baby (referring to Ava and Grant) go down that big slide by themselves.   I told them they've been down it a few times already by themselves and liked it.  They looked at me with disapproval.  Again, at a park, I had a mom ask me with disgust (like I wasn't watching my kids)  if I needed her to help Ava down some stairs.  Ava was walking down (forward) some steep stairs on one of the slides.  Sometimes I like to go to the park just to watch how other moms react to different situations.  I'm really alarmed at how some parents react to things. 

Noah, my little inventor, figured out that he could suck up water in one end, and then blow the water out on his face with the other end.  We took the cover off the pool and let Noah swim on Saturday.  The water temperature is 70 degrees, so way too cold for me to swim in.  Funny thing is we water ski in much colder water, but for some reason 70 degrees in a swimming pool isn't warm enough for me to jump in.  Noah didn't seem to mind though.  

Since we aren't in H-town to go 'Eastering' we decided we needed to do something fun.  So, we went camping.  

The minute we pulled in to our camping spot it started to rain.  Adam hurried to put up the tent, in the rain, and got pretty wet.  About 20 minutes later it stopped raining.  :/  What a good daddy.

Nutella Smores. YUMMY!!

We decorated our Easter eggs there too.  The kids mainly wanted to crack them and peel off the shell.  I don't blame them, it is fun to peel a hard boiled egg.

Daddy warming up our breakfast (breakfast burritos).  

Pudding anyone?

Noah, with a mouthful of food, saying, "I am the king".  Our camp site was called Ruck A-Chucky (kind of like uncle Chucky, AKA Kyle) on the American River.  It was beautiful, and the water was coming so fast the rapids were neat.  Surreal and scary at the same time.  

Where we live you can't even see mountains, but if you drive 10 minutes north (our camp site was about 35 minutes) you are in the foothills and start to get into some dense forest-like mountains.  It was beautiful. 

Easter morning - kids looking down into the living room to see some eggs scattered around.
The Eater baskets

Ava has the best bed-head every morning.

It's impossible to get a good shot of them without another person to distract them (Adam had to go to church early for choir practice).

After church we headed to the Yangs for an amazing dinner made by Marv.
The babies loving their cousins new sandbox.

How many kids can you cram into one old truck?

As you can see we had a fun, packed, adventurous week. 


The Jones Family said...

I'm kind of laughing right now because I was just stealing a whole bunch of your recipes (they looked really yummy) and then suddenly there's a new post! Looks like you had a lot of fun over easter. By the way, don't worry about your parenting skills- your kids look very healthy and happy. I'm sure you're an awesome mom!

Melissa Scott said...

Great update sis! I especially love the "Easter Best" pictures with Ava cheesing it.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

We missed you and your cute little farts! Kyle is pretty jealous you live so close to the American river. You should post pics of your finished quiet book so I can see how you put it all together;) I took pics of our backyard today for you, I will post them later this week!

Ty * April said...

I want to play with those kids...right now! I love that cheesiness of Miss Ava Marie. Noah being the King is hillarious. And how weird is it to see Grant in Noah's old sweatshirt. Bring those kids back. I think that would be your only mistake you have made. You took those kids too far away from me. But other than that I think those other moms need to relax. Your kids are happy and healthy and if they only knew all the stuff you do with them they would be amazed! I am. You make me look bad all the time.

The Yoder's Four said...

Your kids are awesome! Madelyn used to be the most daring 2-year-old on the playground and it really used to drive me nuts. The other moms would be chilling on the lawn, eating and visiting while I had to make sure she didn't break her neck.

Btw, is that a squid toy that Grant got for Easter? I love it!

mommaquincy said...

I think that kids learn confidence when their mom lets them explore! You are a great mom! Looks like you had a memorable Easter!

mammasweet said...

Thanks for sharing the great pictures again. I'm so glad you're mine. It's important to try to take little trips out of the comfort zone once in awhile. You are wonderful.

The Ellis Family said...

Loved this post!

rachelle said...

Fact: I would like to go camping when I come visit...ok? Fact: I would especially like at least 5 of those nutella s'mores....better just bring an extra bottle of nutella.
Opinion: That huge foot gives me the huge creeps.
Fact: Your tinies are cute and weird.

Tidbit: I had a stroll down memory lane yesterday as I watched Ellen and ate gouda.

Jessica said...

I am so impressed that you guys went camping with all those young'ens! I am too chicken to try camping and I only have 2, and they're older. You guys totally rock! Such an inspiration to me. I am also impressed that you got all 3 FACES in a picture without back up, Easter morning, that's not easy! Such cute kids you have, thanks for all the pictures.

Heidi said...

What a fun week. More power to ya for going camping with the 2 young ones. I'm finally up for camping now that my youngest is almost 3. My bad, I know. Like April said you make us look bad all the time. You're a great mom! ;) Love Ava's facial expressions...I think I've said that a bunch of times over the year, but love them.
The other moms' probably only have 1 child there to worry about and they grow up scared to do anything on their own. Ditto that part of Aprils comment. :)