Finished Projects

I finally completed some unfinished projects.  I made this planter box out of some pavers we had in our junk pile.  {Tutorial Here} It sat there glued together for months, then I finally painted it, and then is sat some more, and I finally planted something in it.  Very simple project, that took months to complete.  :)

We had this planter in our front yard filled with nasty dirt and cat pooh (Cats are my enemies right now - they keep coming to the backyard and doing their business in the sandbox - UGH!!),  and some random pots filled with succulents.  I was going to throw the succulents away because they were just tipped over in a pile and not looking very good.  So, I decided to separate out a few of them and plant them in this pot.  Now they actually look nice and healthy.  

Remember the quiet book project from Mary?  Well, I've had the pages put together (at least the pages I have - hint, hint, APRIL) for awhile now, but I finally completed one of the covers.  This took me so long to complete, because it was difficult to find a long enough zipper.  This is only 1/3 of the pages - I did another group with my sis-in-law Emily, that I should be getting this weekend, and I need to finish the other cover for Mary's last group.  ANYWAY, here are a few of the pages.
Little pockets for treats and toys.  Set the table picnic page - Jeni Lemmon

Dinosaur puzzle page - Janalee Wilson
Rainbow page - Audrey Anderson

Weaving page - Loni Wilson
Jonah page - Me

Tree picking page - Jessica Chapman
Fishing page - Emily Ballard

Opposite page - Me
Dog collar page - Mary Yang
Shoe tying page - Mary Yang

We've been using the pages at church for a few weeks now and my kids really like them.  I'll show you the rest once I have the book complete. 

Our biggest project, THE YARD, is starting to look really nice (at least compared to when we first moved in), but I'm still looking for the before pictures.  Once I find them I'll post some progress pictures, since it's always a work in progress.  


The Yoder's Four said...

That is the best quiet book I've ever seen! Your family certainly doesn't lack in talent. Lucky kids!

And unfinished projects.....ugh. I've got my own list of those. Of course they don't take long to finish, it's the motivation that's lacking.

mammasweet said...

I have some before picture of your yard back in November. I didn't get all my scrap book pages sent to me yet.

mommaquincy said...

How awesome! I love the pages and the plants! I hear that emptying a bottle of clorox in the sandbox will keep the cats away!

Janacy said...

I would Seriously pay some big bucks for a quiet book like that... I lack the patience and the talent to do one....

rachelle said...

MMM, that orange box seems to be the highlight of this blog post I'd say. I wonder who helped with the distinguished art work on that...?:)