More recipes for you.   Notice a trend?  Lots of bread making at this house.  No wonder I can't fit into my clothes.  Hum.  
This Banana bread recipe is from my mother.  Great for those rotten bananas stinking up the kitchen.
I personally love this alfredo sauce.  Super easy and makes a TON, so plenty to freeze for later.  I didn't put chicken on top or shrimp, so the picture only shows the sauce.  Again, recipe from my mom.  I think this might be my uncle Kelly's recipe, but not sure, so we'll give credit to them both.  
I usually buy Costco's pound cake, because it's pretty cheap and super yummy, but the Costco I went to didn't have any.  We were having people over for FHE, and I already had the strawberry glaze made, so I whipped up this pound cake really fast.  I thought it was really good, but then again, anything is good smothered with fresh strawberries and cool whip. 
Adam and I went on a date to Macaroni Grill a few weeks ago, and after eating their bread I wanted to try to make it.  I looked online at a few recipes and gave this one a try.  Not Macaroni Grill bread, but pretty darn close. Dip in EVOO, vinegar and pepper - so good!!
I did a sprouting class last month for my ward and I asked my friend Katie to make some bread for it.   I must admit, I love this bread (probably way too much).  It does take some prep work (i.e. sprouting the grain), not hard work, but you do have to plan ahead.  This bread is really dense, so it's quite filling.  
I still need to do chicken noodle soup and chicken lettuce wraps - my reminder. 
For grandma - Noah's dragon fly that he added to his bug collection.  He was so proud of me for chasing this around the yard, and finally catching it. I was pretty proud as well.  

Since there aren't any pictures of the kids yet, here you go.  A blurry, not that great of a picture, but very cute kids photo.  3 super heroes, 3 babies and 6 pancakes - a good morning. 


mammasweet said...

Summer, the veggie clease I'm on doesn't allow bread, so knock it off:-) The babies, however, are a welcome picture. Thanks.

Summer said...

We had steamed squash from our garden, and steamed zucchini from Mary's garden last night for dinner. Is that better, squaggle? :)

The Yoder's Four said...

First of all, I love your kitchen table. Second, I am jealous you went to Macaroni Grill and now have to try that bread! The pound cake looks divine, too.

mammasweet said...

The steamed zucchini sounds heavenly. I think I'll try that tomorrow.