Folsom Lake

Believe it or not, this was our first trip to the lake this year.  I know, it's the middle of June - pathetic, right?!  
Noah, Alec (one of the priests), Grant, Tyson and Katie (friends from the ward)
Adam was taking his Priests skiing for their activity last week, so we decided to go out a little early to get in out turn on the skis.  

All of our kids love the boat.  They are really good and just sit on the bench while we take turns skiing. 

Noah rode the tube, but I put the camera away, so this is all I had of him. As always, a great day on the lake.  


mommaquincy said...

Way to go Noah! It looks like a beautiful place!

Becca said...

That first picture of Ava and Adam is so cute. I love her little head!

mammasweet said...

I can't think of a more fun day in the sun. Little guys who like to sit in the boat? Perfection.