Monterey California

We went to Monterey this past weekend with the Yangs.  We were going to bail on them, until Friday when Mary called and said she got us free tickets to the aquarium.  Can't pass up free, right?! Noah was almost as excited about staying in a hotel, as he was about going to the aquarium.    

 Checking out the sea lions on Cannery Row before the aquarium opened.

The aquarium was pretty neat.  Lots of cool fish. 

 Giant octopus - sorry the pictures aren't that great.  I don't know how to take pictures through glass very well, and I couldn't use a flash (although I was for awhile until Adam pointed out the 'No flash' signs, oops)
 Charlotte went with us for most of the time at the aquarium, so I have a few pictures of her.  Sorry, none of Freddie and Lionel - they went with their parents (who forgot their camera)
The touch pools

 This was one of Noah's favorite spots - touching the stingrays

 Flying kites
 Playing at Lovers Point beach

Noah found this Kelp seaweed and played with it the whole time at the beach.  He thought it was pretty cool - it did feel neat.

It was a fun little trip.  


Ty * April said...

Oh, I miss those little farts. They are so cute. That picture of Grants looks like a little Adam. :) Ava's wild hair reminds me of Meg at that age. and Noah is just too big for his britches. Okay, it's official you need to come visit or put those babies on a plane and I will meet them at the other side. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Mark got a brochure for a medical conference in Monterey. Now I want to go!

Jessica said...

Visiting your blog is such a joy. You rock! I love all t he pictures of your cute kids. You guys amaze me by all that you can do with all those kids, so inspiring! And home-made noodles to boot! Happy birthday Ava!

mammasweet said...

Thanks for taking us all along with you! The pictures are marvelous, I can see why Mary and Min left their camera home. Beautiful day.

Karen said...

I was thinking the same thing as April, that picture of Grant looks just like Adam! Looks like you guys are having tons of fun. :)

mommaquincy said...

Looks like a cool aquarium! Such cute kids!