It's All Good

We live near a greenbelt, that has a stream and lots of wildlife (river otters, turtles, skunks, turkeys, millions of squirrels and birds) - you'd never guess we live in the city by reading some of these posts.  The other thing that grows wild there are blackberries.  Even though they are nasty thorny bushes, they do produce a scrumptious little treat.   We've been waiting patiently for the berries to ripen, and finally the time has come.  The weather has been remarkable the past couple of weeks (low 80's), so we go to the creek every couple of days and pick a bucket of blackberries.  The kids and I usually scarf them down before Adam even gets home from work.  We did have waffles with blackberries one night for dinner, so he could have some too.  

I made Noah some goop the other day and he loves the stuff.  It's super easy if you have the ingredients sitting around.  

1 cup water
1 tsp. Borax (I highly suggest having this on hand, there are so many uses for this stuff)
Dissolve the borax in the water

1/2 cup water
food coloring
4 oz. white or clear school glue 
Mix until smooth

Pour glue mixture into Borax mixture and knead for a minute or so, then take out goop and knead for a few more minutes until it stays together.  Discard extra water.  Place goop in zip lock bag after done playing, and it will stay good for a very long time.   

Dirty and eating a Popsicle -  10am.  

We moved the rider tractor to the backyard, and the babies love it, especially Ava.  

On our way to Mary's house last week all the fields were blooming.  It's fun to watch as the fields go from freshly tilled soil, to small plants, to blooming plants, to harvesting plants and back to soil.  We stopped at this sunflower field to take a picture, because it looked so neat.  They are huge, and cover tons of acres.  The tomato fields and corn fields were huge too this trip.  

We were headed to Esparto for Charlotte's birthday party. She had a pioneer birthday party.  Mary made these cute bonnets for all the girls and bandannas for the boys.   
Pony rides for a birthday party! What a lucky girl, and lucky guests.

Happy Birthday Charlotte. 

Our momma turkey came to show off her 9 babies to us this morning.  We have a book called 10 Fat Turkeys Foolin on a Fence, and when I saw this I thought of that book. Probably because that's the book Ava chooses to read everyday. 

Noah marching out to catch a turkey in his bucket. He He.  He even had Adam's little air gun in the bucket.  We didn't tell him they were going to just fly away when he got closer.  
We went back to the Train Museum in Old Sacramento.  They have an old train that you can ride, that runs along the Sacramento River, but it only goes on the weekends.  Last time we went with Kyle and Emily, we didn't get to ride the train.  Since the Yangs ditched us for a boating trip, we decided to go ride the train instead.  

They even punched the tickets, just like on the Dinosaur Train (Noah thought that was neat).
Watching the engine car change positions.

The Great Stone Palace, AKA the Capital Building.  Noah called the Utah Capital building the great stone palace since he was 2, and since this one looks like it he thinks it's his great stone palace. 

Impossible to get all 3 of them to look at the same time. 

After the trains, we picked up a friend for dinner. We didn't tell him that he WAS dinner. 

I think he figured it out. 

He was really good.  Have a great day. 


Grandma Linie said...

I want those babies. . . NOW!!! Cute little stinks. I was showing dad your pictures and he says that Ava looks like a troll in the boat picture and that Noah is getting tall. What cute kids. I sure miss them. We were in Salt Lake the other day and it sure is inconvienent that you aren't there. Meg wants to know why you didn't move your house too.

Grandma Linie said...

Oh, sorry once again this is April on moms computer.

The Yoder's Four said...

Thanks for the goop recipe! I need to make some!

And when did Grant become such a blondie?!

rachelle said...

Couldn't say why, but this is prob one of my fave blog posts of yours ev. Prob the cute stinkin shitlans of yours. Wanna fly me out there? ok.

Ty * April said...

I know this is my third comment but just wanted to say that i love the picture of Charlotte. Beautiful. Mary,s kids are quite photogenic. Even dad said as we were looking what a pretty girl she is. :). I need you to teach me some Photoshop or at least tell me where to go.

mammasweet said...

Love the post! I gathered blackberries in Mukilteo and froze 'em in little baggies for the winter. They taste almost as great in January.