Getting Prepared

I think I've mentioned before, that I'm our wards Emergency Preparedness leader.  A couple of weeks ago I rented the dry-pack canner for our ward to use.  We filled our car with cans and bags of food.  We got a few cases of food sealed, and a little relief for having some food in storage.
 My babies playing on the stairs.  They were probably all in time-out, but when they're that cute it's hard not to forget about their bad behavior. 

My sweet mother sent out a text stating she had tons of apricots and apricot puree that needed to be canned. I responded and said I have been out of jam for awhile now, and I would love it.   My mom found a way to get her puree to me.  She dry iced 2 big boxes filled with apricot puree.  We've been busy canning jam, and the kids loved playing with the extra dry ice.  I'll post the jam recipe and canning info later.

Our carrots are finally starting to get big enough to eat.  The kids love to pick the vegetables from the garden and eat them.  They think it's so cool to pick some food, and then eat it in their backyard - I think it's pretty fun too. 

My 3 bunnies. 


The Yoder's Four said...

Yum! I want to plant carrots next year! That is the cutest picture of the kids on the stairs. Love it.

mommaquincy said...

The kids on the stairs makes a pretty fun picture! They all look great chewing on their carrotts, too.

Meg & Josh said...

I love how Ava is naked in every picture. :) Does that girl ever keep clothes on?

Summer said...

Not when she's potty training.....OK most of the time.

bethany said...

Your posts are great. I love to see all the pictures. It's like Christmas