I finally got this to work.  Noah the great cannon baller.

We had Adelle and Stewart at our house for a few hour, because their mom (Kelli) had her baby on Sunday. I think Ava and Stewart have a 2 year old crush on each other.  They followed each other around most of the time, and Stewart was always offering her a ride on the tractor.  So cute - I'd be thrilled if they had the same crush in about 20+ years. 

*Update on Ava's nasty neck mass: We went to the ENT last week, and he isn't quite sure what it is.  He wants to remove it so he can send it to pathology.  He told me he's quite certain that it's benign, but he can't rule anything out until it's out.  It is growing and getting redder everyday, but it still doesn't seem to bother her that much.  She is scheduled for surgery on the 19th. 

Grant always has something smeared on his face.  


Jessica said...

Somebody I hope to be as good at blogging as Summer! You are awesome. Your kids are adorable. There are two that I have yet to meet:(-Sad thought.

Jessica said...

Awesome animation! I need to try that sometime, the animation that is, not a cannon ball. :) Scary about Ava's neck mass, keep us posted on that!

Ty * April said...

I want to know how you do the animation. I have pictures of madi doing a flip that would be awesome this way. Sometimes when I look at your blog I feel that I am looking at my own kids. :) Brooks always has something on his face. Meg is always up to something. Ava's hair reminds me of Meg.
Glad the Dr. isn't too worried about the mass, but I will admit it has me a little nervous. I wish it was being done sooner. Cute little stinks. Excited to see them next month.

The Yoder's Four said...

Good luck with Ava's surgery...hope it's nothing serious. I love that pic of Grant. Typical grimy toddler face!

mommaquincy said...

The animation is really cool! Ava is still a darling with or without a mass.