I've slacked on posting some recipes that we've made lately.  Here's a start.  First off, a knock off recipe from Cafe Rio.  Since the closest Cafe Rio is 7 hours away, I have to make my own.  Previously the Deaners would NOT survive here - now they can safely visit. :)  
If you've never had this Thai dessert, you definitely should try this.  I love the mild sweet taste of this dessert. 
An easy crock pot recipe that is super yummy and makes a lot for visitors for left overs.
A.MA.ZING!!  I've been wanting to make coconut shrimp from scratch, but never tried.  I found this recipe and it tastes just like the Red Lobster version.  
I had this at Mary's a few months back and I finally made it so I could get a picture.  Could be made as a side dish, but we found that it's filling enough as a main dish. 

I have about 4 more and then I'm caught up, until I cook something again.  

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