Noah Turns 5

My sweet Noah turned 5 last Saturday.  He had a great birthday, chuck full of exciting things.  Noah loves angry birds, so that's what he wanted his birthday to be based around.  I made him this angry bird shirt to wear for his big day. 

He's been asking for a backpack scooter and an angry bird stuffed toy for months now.  He also voted for a trip to six flags, instead of a friend birthday party.  Fine with me.   

He did get a scooter, but not a backpack scooter since those are for big kids and cost over $100.  We told him he could just hook this one on to his backpack.  He also got a robot magnet set.  We saw the angry birds stuffed toys at Barnes and Noble a week or so ago, and when I went back to get one they were sold out at every store.  He's going to put it back on to his Christmas list. 

After presents, he got to decide on breakfast.  He went for donuts. The lady at the donut shop gave him a free bag of donut wholes for his birthday. 

Grant was very pleased with Noah's breakfast choice. 

Then we were off to six flags.  It's in Vallejo, about an hour from our house.  One of our first rides was the log ride.  Noah and I got drenched.  So much for doing my hair. 

There are quite a few rides that the babies could go on.  They all loved the swings. 

After a few rides, Noah was getting used to them and really starting to like them. 

Of course, the highlights were the animal shows.  This was the seals and pirate show. 

The shark tank was really cool.  It had one of those ceiling aquariums, where the sharks and fish swim over your head.  

Enjoying a show. 

Shouka the Whale show

The babies admiring the new baby giraffe that was recently born. 

The dolphin show was probably my favorite of all the shows.  

After six flags we came home and went swimming, and then had birthday cake.  Of course he asked for an angry birds cake.  

I should apologize for these pictures.  First off, I hate taking pictures in my kitchen, because they put a nasty yellow cast on everything due to the overhead lighting.  Also, when I was downloading all these I couldn't figure out why everyone of them is grainy.  I checked my camera and my ISO was super high this whole day.  CRAP!  

Anyway, here is the cake.  The cake and tower part was pretty easy, but those darn pigs and angry birds took some work.  I was going to make them with fondant, which would have made them look a little cleaner, but then who would want to eat them?  Fondant is yucky.  So, they are cake pops.  I probably should have done the fondant, because they are really yummy and we have way too many to eat now.  

The ammo. 

Noah was so excited about his cake.  

Adam was the slingshot at first, and then he just threw them at the cake.   

After throwing the angry birds. 

After cake, and after we put the babies to bed, Adam, Noah and I went swimming with glow sticks. 

After swimming, Adam camped out in the backyard with Noah.  WOW!  What a day.  I think he had a fabulous 5th birthday.  I asked him what his favorite part of the day was, and he said "I loved all of it!". 

Here are a couple of videos for you to enjoy.  The first is of Adam and Noah doing their pool tricks (sorry about Grant fussing in the background - it randomly starting raining). The second is of Noah showing his angry birds skills on his birthday cake. 


Ty * April said...

okay, THAT IS AWESOME! I love the cake. I am going to have to steal the idea next year for Brooks birthday. He loves Angry Birds too. Looks like Noah had quite the amazing day. Madi has made him a birthday card but is waiting until he comes to give it to him. Why don't you just come visit for each of my kids birthdays and make their cakes. They are getting the short end of the stick I am afraid. I love that little Miss Ava is right there in the middle of the action. . . always. and I swear right now Grant could be Brooks' twin. So excited to see these little squirts.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

Awesome! Just so you know my birthday is in January, I will be expecting a cake and maybe a whole day planned just like Noahs:)

Grandma Linie said...

I was going to tell you. On your camera, change the white balance and it might take away the yellowness to your kitchen pictures.
Also if you come for Emily's birthday you can just stay for mine. and you might as well come a few days earlier for Megs. And if you are going to come for ours you might as well come for Ava's and Brooks. They can have it together. So could Madi and Noah. and Grant and Gus together. Look we have it all covered. That would be no extra birthday cakes for you but my kids could get a great cake for their birthday.

Grandma Linie said...

Oh sorry, I am on moms computer again. This is April.

Summer said...

I've been playing with my WB a little bit lately. The entire day my camera settings were off, but I didn't realize it until afterward. Darn it.

mammasweet said...

Summer, what a great birthday! Can you duplicate that on June 10th? Well, maybe I'm too old for angry birds. It was so cool to see YOU IN THE PICTURES! How did you swing it?

Melissa Scott said...

Happy Birthday Noah (and Matt)! We are so excited to see the kids next week.

I agree with Connie, good to see you in some pics...

The Yoder's Four said...

Amazing cake (again) and what an awesome birthday! I wish we were near a 6 Flags! I think the last time I saw you was when Noah was a newborn. Time flies!!

Heather said...

Your cake turned out amazing!! My son also is obsessed with Angry birds. FYI Wal-mart carries angry bird stuffed animals.

Ambs said...

I can't believe you made an angry birds cake!! How awesome is that! It looks perfect and all of the characters look like plastic they are so perfect! You are amazing Summer!
I love the blog by the way!!

Meg & Josh said...

Ok, you are the BEST mom ever!

We sure miss you guys. The babies and Noah are growing so quickly.

Maybe one of these days we will plan a trip to come out. I am going to need some sunshine here in a few months.