Enrichment Night and Product Likes

Thursday night I was, sort of, in charge of enrichment night for our ward.  I mean sort of, because we had 2 guest speakers come and they did 90% of it.  I did make these cute carrot cakes, in jars, for everyone.  

One of our speakers was a older man who has a huge garden, and is pretty knowledgeable with organic gardening tricks.  He brought tons of props and displays.  I think he was a little intimidated by Mary's degree. He was sweet, and did a good job.  (Sorry, no picture of him, just his props)

Mary was the other speaker and she did awesome.  She talked about tomatoes, her specialty.  
Ava and Grant love to talk on the phone.  Ava is holding the phone for Grant and telling him what to say.  Hm, I wonder where she learned that?

So, I have 2 products that I am really excited about.  O'kay, not like jump up and down excited, but they do make me happy, so I thought I'd share and see if it can make you happy too.  First off, I've been wanting to get some of these containers for some of my food storage (i.e. flour, sugar, rice, beans, etc.) for awhile now.  I saw them at Costco a few months back but didn't grab any.  When I went back they were gone, and I haven't seen them since.  Well, they were there again, so I grabbed one.  I had the 3 kids with me, so I could only fit one in the cart. I know, pretty dumb thing to be happy about, but they fit 60lbs., and have a gamma lid that unscrews easily, and they stack.  I can just imagine 3 or 4 of them stacked or in a row, in a storage room (which I don't have), filled to the brim with food. You know I LOVE a well organized pantry/storage room.  Aww,  what a thought. 

Product #2: Cottonelle flushable wipes.  The only reason I splurged (they are a little pricey) on these is because Ava is potty training, and let me tell you, these are great for potty training toddlers.  So, make a mental note to yourself: When potty training a toddler, buy these flushable wipes.  No, I've actually never used them myself, but it sure makes little bottoms nice and clean.............and so soft (wipes and bottoms).  You can go to Cottonelle's website and get a coupon for these.  I ended up getting a free tub last month. 
Sorry, those probably are the exciting products you were hoping for, but that's what you get tonight.  I do have some fun videos of the kids swimming that I'll try to upload tomorrow. 


Janacy said...

Your carrot cakes look Divine!!! Mmmm

I, also, LOVE the flushable wipes... they are not just great for potty trainers but for the little bit older kids who have a hard time getting it all ;) We have one attached to the wall by the toilet paper and Tris LOVES it ;)

mammasweet said...

How exciting, Summer. Mary looks so important and cute. Please send the wipes with the children:-)

The Yoder's Four said...

Good luck with potty training!! I love flushable wipes.

I don't know if I'm ever going to get a storage room, but I'm eventually hoping for some shelves in the garage for food storage. Oh, and if I lived anywhere near The Container Store, I would be in HUGE trouble because I freaking love containers. Never seen them that big before, though!