More Fiji

Sick of Fiji pictures yet?  Well, this is the last of them...... at least from my SLR camera.  Most of our excursions I took with my point and shoot camera, because I have a water housing unit for it, and I didn't want to get my nice camera wet.  So sorry, more Fiji pictures to come.  I promise I'll throw in a Halloween post to break it up. You don't have to keep reading.  I'll post pictures of the kids in a few days, so check back then if you're overwhelmed with Fiji pix.
We spent some time at the spa, getting massages and mani-pedi's (Adam passed on the mani-pedi).  Rough, I know, but traveling is tough. :) 

We went to this nice restaurant on the ocean.  I dressed up for the occasion.  

I figured I was fine in my swimming suit, when I notice our waiter wasn't wearing any shoes. 

This little girl kept peeking out the door to watch us.  I took her picture and showed it to her on the camera, and she thought that was awesome. 

We ate lots of yummy food - mainly seafood, of course.

The water color there is truly amazing.  Even when you are in deeper water, it's sooooooo blue. 
There are almost as many Indian people as there are native Fijians on Fiji.  The Indians were brought over in the 1830's as slaves, so there is a huge Indian influence in Fiji.  There are a lot of Hindu temples scattered throughout the island. I love the crazy architecture and color on these temples.

Sri Siva Subramaniya temple

While we were waiting for our flight, we explored the northwest part of the island.  We went to a marina and walked around, admiring these big vessels.  We imagined what it would be like to sail across the ocean in one.   Many of them were from New Zealand, Hawaii and Australia.  Wouldn't that be awesome - live on your boat for a few weeks and sail to another country?   Someday, maybe.

Not sure if this one would stay afloat.
Adam admiring the large keel on this sailboat.
This little train (looks decent size, but look at it compared the the men in it - puny) was pulling tons of sugar cane behind it.  Obviously there aren't any laws about strapping down loose debris. When we were driving, huge trucks full of sugar cane would pass spilling half their load onto the road. 

Fish, anyone?  Here, there's some hanging from this tree.  :)  I love this.


The Yoder's Four said...

Love your ballet feet!

I didn't know there were so many Indians in Fiji. They have some cool buildings!

stefanie said...

Summer! Reagan will DIE when he sees all of these pictures! He went on his mission there . . . served in Suva and Savu Savu and wants to go back soooo bad. He was there when they opened the temple.
Sounds like an amazing trip, eye opening for sure!
Love all the pictures!