Stirring the Brew


The babies love to sing songs that have hand actions.  Now the kids go around singing this song.  Grant likes to "stir the brew" and Ava loves the "boo-ing".
Last year we were just moving into our house, so we didn't get much up as far as Halloween decorations.  Since we only had pumpkins and bats last year, I promised Noah we would pull out the Halloween box this year.  Before our trip I started some Halloween projects, but when we got home I ran out of steam, or maybe it was loads of laundry - either way I have a lot of projects half done or still taking up space in my brain.  Anyway, here's what we put up this year.  The kids, especially Noah, love all of it - which makes it so much more fun. 
L-R:  *I bought this picture last year on an after season sale.  It's huge (6 1/2ft. wide)!  Parts of it glows in the dark and hidden ghosts appear.  It's awesome.
*I made this big spider web on the over hang in our living room, next to the banister (for those of you that have been here).  Doesn't look that big in the picture, but it's also about 6ft. tall.
*The eyeball wreath is the only project I actually finished this season.  I think it turned out cute.
*Pumpkin bell in the aloe vera plant. I don't many surfaces (i.e. shelves, mantels, etc.) to put decorations so we have to get creative.
* Our entry way spookiness.
*Cool funky pumpkins we got today at the pumpkin patch (post to come about that)
*I hung this spider in the front door, and we all run into it whenever we go through the door.  Looks cool, but slightly annoying.
*The only real shelf I could find, the top of the piano, so that's where a lot of our decorations end up.  That witch broom rolls around on the table and says "booooooooooo".  Pretty cool.  
*Our candle-less candelabra I got on that same sale as the picture.  It's pretty heavy and would look cool with some red or black candles, but it looks like that will have to happen next year.  
*Pumpkin - looks cool at night when the lights shine down on it. 

There you have it - a little Halloween tour of our SPOOKY house.
I'm almost finished with the kids' costumes.  They are going to be so cute.  Just so you know, Noah informed us all what we were dressing up as this year.


rachelle said...

Ava's 'oooo's' just makes me think of when we would watch a scary movie and dad would do his dumb, 'ooouuuuuoooo' sound. So annoyingly classic. poor ava doesn't stand a chance

Ty * April said...

Man i suck in the decorating department. I have a pumpkin in the middle of the table. That is it. I have a spider that the girls brought home that I will probably put up for them. But I stink this year. I would like to think I have had a good excuse but I don't. :)

The Yoder's Four said...

Love the jack-o-lantern hanging from your lights. Anything jack-o-lantern makes me happy!

Can't wait to see the kids' costumes. I need to make a cape for Luke this week...

Ashley said...

Your decorations are so cute! The preschool kids are going to love it tomorrow!