Hatchery and Fall Festival

We went to the fish hatchery on Saturday to watch the salmon.  They opened the gates a few days ago for the salmon run, so there are hundreds of salmon in the river and coming up the ladders.  It's amazing to watch.

The fishing just opened up as well, so there are tons of fishermen lining the banks and in the river.  Our friend caught us one the other day and we had him for supper.  Oh man, it was delicious. Nothing like fresh salmon.  We also ate a fresh steal head trout that was really good too.

The kiddos watching the baby salmon.  The salmon run is such a cool thing to watch.  The American river is very clear, so you can look down and see hundreds of salmon swimming upstream.  There was one spot on the bank were you could see tons of them jumping up onto the bank and then flopping back into the river.  Amazing.

After we went to the hatchery, we came home and worked on the boys bedroom.  Hopefully, it looks as cool as the image in my brain.   I'll post pictures when it's done, which could be awhile.  I convinced Adam to make their beds.  

We had our fall festival that night.  I didn't get many pictures, but here's one of my cute little stink, Ava.

Of course, all my kids wanted to do was play on the stage.  

Ava making sure she got every last scrap of apple crisp.  I'll post the recipe soon.  It's so yummy. 


rachelle said...

Kudos sister. I'm proud of your blogging attitude these days. Consistent. Effective. Republicans around the world would be proud. I think watching the salmon swim up stream would be amazingly cool. I also love that those disgusting halloween fingers are being passed down, you just need those black, skinny sharp ones. remember those? Ava is the perfect candidate for all our crazy dress-ups. Actually, neither yours nor April's kids wear clothes long enough. I would have given leah's life to be there and watch noah and his pigs trick-or-treat. If I come there will you make them do it again? Thanks.

Summer said...

Those witch fingers are actually new. I bought them in remembrance of the good old days. I'm sure if you gave my kiddos candy they would dress up for you.

-Kyle and Emily- said...

How long is the fishing open? Maybe Adam should fly us out to fish;) Miss those little rugrats!

mammasweet said...

I need your recipe for the piano recital monday. I'll call ya soon.

The Yoder's Four said...

I remember playing on the stage at the stake center used to be the coolest thing ever when we were kids. I guess not much has changed!

mommaquincy said...

Is Ava getting taller? Like catching up to Grant now?