Halloween Finale Post

We went to Bishop's Pumpkin Patch again this year, and again, it did not disappoint.  Noah's pre-school group went, so I posted about it on that blog.  Click {here} for more pictures.   I love the pumpkins we got from there this year.  I've never seen a pumpkin like that green one on the far right before - looks like an apple/watermelon.
 Noah and I had fun inventing new Halloween food for our lunches. His favorite part was naming and coloring the drinks.  Above: pumpkin peanut butter sandwiches, witches broom sticks, monster eyeballs (grapes) and monster ooze (the drink).

Ghost pancakes with ghost marshmallow hot chocolate.  Witch had peanut butter and honey, brains (pomegranate), witch claws (chips) and blood (drink).
Noah getting in to the 'spirit' of lunch.

Cute little witch

Oooooooo!                                                                            Boooooo!
Noah sporting his crazy-spider-colander creation.

Carving pumpkins.  I love that it's October and still 80 degrees, so my kids don't have to lose bad habits and put on clothes.  Notice Noah's all orange outfit.  He thinks matching means the same color.  His argument is quite legit. 

Ava checking out the guts. 

Noah helping clean out the insides.  We only ended up carving one pumpkin this year, and I didn't even get a picture of the end result.  Terrible, I know.  It was of the grim reaper holding his hatchet (which we told Noah was what he used to cut his food).

It was my week for pre-school, so we had a Halloween party.  I'll post about that later.  After pre-school we headed to the Yangs.  The kids love playing over there.  We did a little trick-or-treating on the way to Aloha's party.  

We came home and got ready again and went trick-or-treating in our cul-de-sac. Noah was the red angry bird and the babies (I don't know why I still call them my babies since they are obviously toddlers now) were the green pigs from angry birds.   
I made Noah's shirt for his birthday, so I just whipped us his hat and some wings, and we painted his face. I was going to stuff the babies green jumpers with something to make them fat round pigs, but we ran out of time.  I think their costumes turned out cute, and they came together pretty easy and relatively fast.
Sorry this is the only picture I got of them in costume, and the flash really glares in that picture. Ugh. I wanted to put them back on the next day and take some pictures in the daytime, but let's be honest, I knew that probably wasn't going to happen.

The babies stayed home with daddy to hand out candy, and Noah and I went with Mikey (a really nice kid from our ward) all over the neighborhood.  Mikey was really protective of Noah and showed him the ropes of trick-or-treating.  By the time we were done Noah's pumpkin was FULL!!!  We had a great Halloween season and Halloween day this year.  Noah's already asking when we get to have another Halloween.  


Grandma Linie said...

I keep going down memory lane seeing Ava in all those cute clothes. Both of the girls have wore what she has on in these pictures. Looks like you had a great Halloween. The costumes turned out so cute!

Grandma Linie said...

Sorry, I'm at mom's at the moment. :) (April)

Mary said...

Thanks for the pix and going public so I can view. Are you a mite sad Halloween is over?

mommaquincy said...

Cute costumes!